I have been a professional gambler for over 20 years and was betting parlay cards in elementary school. In middle school I graduated to running my own pools, in high school I began betting offshore and that's when I got the nickname Jigsaw. In college, Jigsaw Sports was born and the rest is history! Everything I have in life is a product of my gambling winnings. I have the best sources around, period! While everyone is trying to sell their mothers to get the infamous Z Plays or Blackie, I not only get them but I get them from the horse's mouth! There is nobody as connected as I am. I do not engage in hype nor do I advertise. I don't have to! The mark of a true professional in this industry is someone who doesn't have to advertise, someone whose reputation precedes him, someone who doesn't look for clients, clients look for him. That's me. Ask yourself did you come to this website because you saw me advertising somewhere or because you heard how good I was and you searched and scoured until you found this site???

Jigsaw Sports is the best team of sports consultants in the industry. Each member has made themselves a name in this business and backed it with consistent winning results.

If you have any questions or need to contact me for something...you can send me an encrypted message using the form on the right of the page. 

*** Please note, I am NOT taking new clients UNLESS you were referred by an existing client of mine. ***



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