True legends in the industry! The Underdog Hotline is so good that over 10 different services have used their name or some variation of it. There is only one Underdog Hotline though. The real Underdog Hotline started in the 90's with me and experienced and continues to experience some major runs. It would take a while to list all their accomplishments but one of the biggest was their 17-0 run playing money line dogs in MLB during the 1997 season. It is that run in 1997 that first put them on the map. They haven't let anyone down since then as the highlights didn't stop in 1997. Last year they won every week in NFL and NCAA FB including hitting one of their highest rated plays ever this past bowl season with Miami OH +14.5 over Mississippi St, just missing the outright win on a Miss St FG. They haven't had a losing season since the 80s. If you have been looking for the REAL Underdog Hotline, they have made their home here.

Underdog Hotline is available as an add-on service only to clients who are subscribed to Jigsaw Sports.

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